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We work with every type of car and van ranging from sports cars to delivery vans

Air condition clean

This unique service ensures your air conditioning system stays clean and dust and dirt free.

Pre MOT check

Get your car ready for MOT with our premium service. We go through all of the standard MOT checks t ensure your car is ready.

Exhaust repair

We offer a deep clean and maintenance service as well as repairs to keep your car working and optimum levels.

Gearbox repair

Our fully qualified and skilled staff carry out everything from entire rebuilds to minor repairs on Gearbox units.


With both replacement tyres and repairs carried out within our workshop, we have sourced tyre to suit all cars and budgets.

Battery repair

If you need a replacement or a battery health book an appointment now with one of our technicians.


This is a part of the car that needs regular checks to ensure safety and top levels of performance. We carry out everything from bleeding and disk and pad replacement.

Steering and Suspension

your cars steering and suspension units are what keeps your drive smooth and comfortable. Keep your car at its best with regular checks.

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